John Badalamenti

Co Founder & CEO
Certified Financial Fiduciary

John is a Co-Founder and CEO at Safe Estate. John takes the role as a Certified Financial Fiduciary very seriously. With over 30 years of experience working with individuals and educating them on how to retire effectively, he has learned that trust and integrity are what matter most in our industry. John demands that very same level of commitment from the entire staff in how they treat our clients. He loves educating people with real world financial experiences with real life scenarios, and teaching it in a way that can be easily understood and applied. John has met thousands of wonderful people over the years in both the classroom and the virtual setting. He has learned that in the everchanging landscape of investing and retirement, people still have all the same concerns. He has recognized that it can be more difficult these days in achieving those goals of a secure retirement, and takes those concerns seriously. He continues to expand his knowledge and teach people how to individually address their needs.

Phil Wehrman

Co-Owner and Financial Advisor

Being a financial advisor and co-founding Safe Estate was never the original, intended career path for Phil. When Phil completed his time in the United States Marine Corps, he no longer wanted to return to the work he was doing prior to enlisting. Previously, he was working as a mechanical designer in the automotive industry, and working towards completing a degree in mechanical engineering. When the financial crash of 2008 happened, Phil watched people very close to him lose their hopes of a comfortable retirement, and commit themselves to working longer before retirement or taking a part-time job to make up for losses. Phil started to educate himself as to not end up in the same situation later in life. It led him to get several different educations and certifications. He has now spent the last 10 years educating people on what he has learned in both the classroom setting at colleges and universities, and in the virtual setting. Phil fully understands how to put together a financial plan that will secure an effective retirement. Phil greatly enjoys working closely with individuals and giving them the peace of mind they are so desperately seeking.

Dale Klebba

Financial Advisor

As a financial advisor at Safe Estate, Dale brings with him his mission and passion; to develop a strategy that keeps more of your hard-earned money throughout the three phases of your financial life. Those three phases are accumulation, preservation, and transfer of wealth. He does that thru structuring strategies that combine income with flexibility, liquidity, security and growth potential. The goal is to helping you sleep comfortably and living life to the fullest. Dale has served in the capacity as a financial advisor nearly as long as he has been married. With nearly 40 years of experience, he brings that same level of commitment to serving our clients and making sure their needs are met first and foremost.

Dale has been a guest host on the local radio financial show Open Line with host Monte Korn, and The Sunrise Side with the host of Towne Centre Financial, a gifted public orator, philanthropist and certified educator. Dale has held different positions over the years from working directly with clients to a Regional Vice President for Allianz Life. At Allianz Dale spent his time coaching & counseling with agents and brokers of the brokerage business through Independent and Banking Channels.

When Dale is not teaching individuals how to retire comfortably, he is spending his time fishing, or out on his boat with his family and friends. He values their time and enjoys cooking for them.